(Effective from 14 June 2010)

          Key: BS Low Season, High Season AS

  1. After occupying the pitch go towards an identity document and entrance tickets book withdrawn to register.
  2. Daily rate € 13,00 for 24 hours. September 1 to June 30 (low season) include: electricity 3A n. 2 coins per day for a hot shower (to be withdrawn in the direction of showing the daily entry ticket), drinking water and wastewater load, € 18,00 for 24 hours from 1 July to 31 August (high season), including: current electric 3A load drinking water and wastewater disposal.
  3. The discount is 10% Conventions: parking, rent beach bed, and cafeteria. The discount will be made only by exhibiting the club card is valid for the current year. The conventions do not apply from 1 to 31 August.
  4. Charge of € 0.40 (BS) and € 0.70 (AS) for each hour in excess of daily rest. (Eg 26h. Staging = 12 €. BS / 18 €. AS)
  5. To take advantage of greater amperage electric current (10A) will be a surcharge of € 3.00 daily.
  6. To get drinking water from the fountain of the load on the pitch will be a surcharge of € 1.00 per day to campers.
  7. Token hot shower € 1.00.
  8. Use bathrooms is free.
  9. Reservations are not accepted.
  10. It recommends the proper single-use services such as bathrooms, showers, sinks and washing should be left as found.
  11. It should be used only for sinks and basins, respectively, crockery and linen.
  12. The fountains which are between the plots are only for drinking water loading of the camper.
  13. Unloading are prohibited from 12:00 to 16:00. It 'must use the additive.
  14. It is forbidden to wash the RV is in the pitch housing. To wash in the pitch direction of discharge request.
  15. It is strictly forbidden to empty chemical toilets in the toilet or at any other point that is not in charge.
  16. The area is under video surveillance for security reasons. The recording is automatically canceled after 24 h.
  17. The following animals are welcome if kept on a leash. And 'required to clean the excrement left by their animals in the staging.
  18. The management reserves the right to eject without notice any person fails to comply with the rules or acts in such a way as to cause damage or disturbance to other guests or property.
  19. The special associations in 2010 are:
Turit, Club PleiAir, Traiano Camper Club, AC Club, Camper Stop Europe, Adac, Camperisti Senza  Frontiere, Camper Club La Granda, Associazione Vivere all’Aria Aperta Bari, Isernia Camper Club, Camper  Club Trentino, A.C.T. Italia.

20) During high season the club of the village next stop disturbing those in plots of the area adjacent to it.

  News Summer 2014

  • The Directorate will organize, when the number of motor home can allow it, "The Camper Day" with music, dances and festivals!
  • In agreement with organized groups of campers you can do tours of Metaponto and / or Matera.
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